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/ Netherlands


Ever since he was young he was brought up with music as his family owned their own club. Being mesmerized by their DJ’s he just knew he had to become one. In his teenage years he initially played Dirty House music, thus the name. Starting off his career he had his first big performance as a 15-year old at Splash in Horssen. But soon he discovered a whole new genre of music. He completely switched over to the Urban Scene. Choosing wisely as his music tends to be female friendly. With RnB Classics woven in between. Nowadays he knows how to captivate his audience with the powerful, energetic sets he plays. And is well known for engaging with his fans. It’s no surprise that his fanbase is growing rapidly and fellow artists want to collaborate with him. Renowned artists like Frsh, Chip Charlez, Skales (from the ‘MEGA hit’ Shake Body), Scarface, Ori, Pattex (from Jamaica), Immo, K-Liber, Revie (from FMG), Kilate Tesla and Prinston Paulina (from Tony Montana Music) and Yxngle from 777 all had the pleasure already to work with him. Last Year we had some major festival gigs like Street Style Con, Lake Dance Festival, Fuikdag, Liberty Festival, Niemandsland Festival, Heimwee Festival, Pure Urban & Sexualized (A beach festival) and in the Musicdome! He played in different countries like India, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Germany & Belgium. The Year of 2020 is smiling at him!!




Agency Dutch, Antillean League

Email Curley Mongen: c.mongen@dutchantilleanleague