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Jay Stax

Jay Stax

Netherlands / Willemstad, Curacao


Jay Stax (17). His style is geared towards electronic dance music (EDM).  Jay’s goal is to eventually play at some of the biggest dance festivals, such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami. “I believe that just like my inspiration Hardwell, everyone should try their utmost to make their dreams a reality” he says. He combines his natural talent with continuous and strong effort to become a better musician. With his reputation as a young talented and skillful artist gaining traction Jay Stax has already played next to some big names such as Hardwell, Kill the Buzz, Freddy Moreira & DJ Moortje.

Stay tuned cause in 2017 big things are about to evolve….



Agency Dutch, Antillean League

Phone +31648740871

Email Curley Mongen -