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La Toya Linger

La Toya Linger

/ Netherlands


La Toya Linger, also known as “Lioness,” was born in Surinam in 1986.
At the age of 9 she moved to the Netherlands. As a little girl she was always singing.
When she was older she started writing her own lyrics.
In time her love for reggae and dancehall music increased.
Since she had no studio at her disposal she started making music on a computer.
Due to the fact that she had no producer she used beats from the internet to create songs.
She decided to make music videos to the best tracks and exposed them to the world on YouTube.
That way she caught the attention of local artists which resulted in several collaborations.

Her first track ‘Mi waan yu’ was recorded and released in September 2012. The track had many positive reactions. She was asked to do her very first performance in the same week as the largest jamrock party in the Netherlands. The track was well received by DJ’s and web radios. Even the producers of the riddim ‘’Riverside Productionz” were so positive that they wanted to create a new riddim for La Toya. She released her first mixtape “Lioness On The Rise” in June 2013. After performing as a support act for Charly Black they linked up and released a dancehall record called “I love you”. At the same moment, La Toya is very busy working on her first EP. She hopes to surprise her fans with more different kind of songs.


2017 turned out to be an exciting year, in which she featured many artists like Charly Black, Trobi, Afro Bros, LePrince, Patexxx, Capital Candy, DJ Moortje, La Baby, Menasa and last but not least the all time legend Sistesmurf from “Bubbeling Queen”

The first one of those collabs to be released with Pattexxx & Capital Candy in early 2020. The song is called “Wet Dream”. In which La Toya showcases her sweet voice.

You may know her from her songs:

  • LaToya- Mi Waan Yu
  • La Toya Linger ft. Mr Patze – Busdrivah
  • La Toya Linger – Mi baby’s back (dancehall/R&B version)
  • La Toya Linger ft. Fellow – Tight




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