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Sattivo 9

Sattivo 9

/ Netherlands


He hails from the Antillean Islands (Curacao).
SATTIVO 9 loves to blend the Latin urban music with other genres and traditional music from other countries.
And even though he comes from an island that the native language is papiamento , He has focused on writing songs in Spanish at a young age because of he’s Latin roots. He has composed , co-written and recorded with other rising artists like Jay Fonseca , and Antillean Legend Diarmando.
He has also had the pleasure of working with amazing producers like Jorda , Mestiic and Menasa.
Expect a wave of amazing projects by SATTIVO 9 in 2020.
SATTIVO 9 is part of the new wave of Antillean Artists like: KILATE TESLA , Ir Sais , Jeon , Menasa and Ataniro representing the Antillean islands in the Latin Urban genre.
SATTIVO wants to reach the hearts of millions by telling stories that people can relate to.
He is a poet for these modern times. Creating vibes not songs!





Agency Dutch, Antillean League

Email Curley Mongen: c.mongen@dutchantilleanleague