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Veronica Pichardo

Veronica Pichardo

/ Curaçao


“Being from a small island in the Caribbean (Curaçao) I’ve had to overcome different language barriers. On my island we speak four languages (English, Dutch, Papiamentu (our native langauge) and Spanish). Being able to overcome these language barriers has allowed me to visit so many amazing countries and share my music with them.

At 17 I travelled to Hong Kong and shot my first ever international music video. The opportunity of being able to travel so much has influenced my music style and genre so much that I still continue to make songs that resonate with an international audience.

I was just a teenager when I started and I’ve grown into my music. My songs are a true reflection of who I am as a person and I hope to continue to help people (especially the younger generation) to overcome everyday struggles that I was faced with.”




Agency Dutch, Antillean League

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